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Introduction to volcanic gray grinding board and its characteristics

Different process needs according to customers,,Equipment for making customer needs,,Equipment capabilities meet the process thin plate/ /The production needs of thick boards;;

Combined process,,Suitable for dry membrane, green oil before treatment;;

Chinese operating human machine interface,,The program can be customized according to customer requirements;;Humane,,Friendly alarm display function,,The specific problem is clear at a glance,,square direction at the time when

Stupid operation and maintenance;;

The machine has the function of automatic grinding marks,,Touch screen setting grinding width,,Put the plate automatic grinding;;

Machine outfitENCODERAutomatically calculate the length of each board and the location of the board,,No need to enter the production board size,,Production board with the same thickness

Different size boards can be directly crossed;;

The machine has automatic/ /Manual brush function,,Make a board to choose from,,No need to operate artificially;;

No -board automatic standby status,,Water -saving power and electricity function and cardboard detection abnormal device.


Work width:750mm

Dimension size:650mm650mm((a maximum amount or setting. at the most. reach or cause to reach the limit of capacity or ability. maximum.)

250 mm250mm((min)

Board thickness:0.1~3.2mm((option:12mm)

transfer speed:0.0 ~ 5.0m/min


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