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Shenzhen Jingjin Electronics Co., Ltd., a national high -tech enterprise, is engaged in the production of intelligent automation equipment and advanced manufacturing. For touch screens, print circuit boards, IC carrier boards, FPC industries provide high -quality equipment and technical support services. Have an excellent pre -sales, after -sales technical support, design and development, production, maintenance team; research and development, innovation, and development of high -performance machines and related application technologies. Breaking the monopoly pattern of imported equipment, we have accumulated many years of professional advantages and comprehensive capabilities, and provide customers with services such as the research and development, customization, and technological innovation of non -standard automatic equipment.
Copper powder recycling machine, AOI cleaning machine, manual UV machine.
Acting products: German layer press, reinstate, X-Ray drilling target machine, X-RAY inspection machine, PP drilling machine, PP/copper foil cutting machine, steel plate brush machine, online laser label machine, measurement Board thick machine, robot automation machine.
Parts repair: melting machine, X-RAY drill target/inspection machine, volcanic gray grinding machine, grinding machine, sandblasting machine, horizontal chemical processing line, non-standard automation equipment customization, machine transformation, capacity upgrade.
In accordance with the principles of integrity cooperation and common development, all employees of Jingjin Electronics strive to provide more customers with professional, efficient, meticulous and thoughtful high -quality products and high -quality services. Use our quality and services, improve your products, increase your benefits, and jointly write a new chapter in corporate development.
Customers first, excellent quality, and good services are the goals of the company's purpose and unremitting pursuit.



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