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PCB industry prospects are considerable

PCB products are complicated, and product types are continuously evolving according to terminal demand: the changes in the needs of terminal electronic products to light, short, and multi -functional demand have promoted the rapid improvement of the product performance and integration of electronic components. Generally speaking, from a single double panel, multi -layer board, HDI board (low -level → high -level), any layer interconnection board, to SLP carrier board, packaging substrate, the integration is getting higher and higher, the design and processing are more complicated Essence

Multi -layer board, FPC, and HDI board are the main forces of the market. The growth space of high -end PCB products is large. According to PRISMARK statistics, the total proportion of multi -layer boards, FPCs, and HDI boards in 2017 is as high as 74%of the PCB market. It is expected that the compound growth of FPC, HDI, and multi -layer boards will reach 3%, 2.8%, and 2.4%by 2021. The cycles of PCB products are mainly related to terminal demand.


Driven by the increase in raw materials price increases and changes in downstream demand in 2017, the global PCB market has shown an expected growth of the global PCB market. The annual output value growth is as high as 8.6%, exceeding the growth rate of the entire electronic system products, and far exceeding the growth rate of GDP. The demand for the downstream market of PCB in 2017 mainly comes from:

(1) Innovatively upgraded the unit price of high -end intelligent machines, stimulating the increase in the output value of the entire PCB market. Apple iPhoneX's inside -out design has changed a lot. The motherboard adopts a more advanced MSAP stacking scheme. The value of the single machine has been nearly 3 times, up to 20 dollars. Innovative appearance and functional parts such as full screens and 3DSENSING directly increased the single -machine demand for rigid binding boards and deflection FPC boards. The single machine value of the FPC board increased to more than 40 US dollars. Other non -Ping Smart Machines quickly followed up Apple's innovation in the launch of new products, and vigorously promoted the full screen, 3DSENSING, and wireless chargingWait for the application of new concepts. Although the growth rate of the overall shipment volume of smart machines still declines, the value of single -machine components has increased rapidly, and the output value of mobile phones has increased by expected increase.

(2) Virtual currency mining boom pulls the main board and chip load demand of mining machines. Bitcoin in 2017The price of virtual currencies headed by Taibin has increased, and the price of Bitcoin was 14 times the annual price of 17 years. The supply of upstream mining equipment was in short supply. The cost of the mining machine is composed of the motherboard and the chip, and the main board of the motherboardThe board is mainly 4, 6, and 8 multi-layer boards. The price of ordinary multi-layer boards is 600-800 yuan per square meter. The price of multi-layer boards for Bitcoin is increased to 1200-1500 yuan per square meter. Most of the supply of endboard manufacturers. The packaging board for mining machines is mainly provided by the Japanese and Taiwan -based carrier board manufacturers. Although the market is generally expected to be unsustainable, the short -term impact on PCB performance has significantly impact on PCB performance. The monthly demand exceeds 560,000 square meters. After calculating the market size of the mining machine board in 2017, it is about 1.24 billion U.S. dollars.

(3) The service/storage market in the computer field has begun to improve, driving the output value of the entire computer system to further expand. As clouds, data centers, and artificial intelligence all need huge storage space and powerful computing capabilities, in the future, with the gradual penetration of the Internet of Things, the scale of the service/storage market will grow rapidly. The PCB of the computer is mainly based on the graphics card with a 6-16 layer multi-layer board and the storage chip packaging substrate.

In the short term, the impact of Apple mobile phones on PCB output value and technology will continue until 2018. The SLP carrier board has become a trend of high -end mobile phone motherboards. Due to the rapid expansion of the market's rigidity binding board, the first half of 2018 was mainly consumed by consumption of the original inventory. The demand for storage and server graphics boards and IC packaging substrates has continued to increase. In the middle and long term, at the stage of steady economic upward, the third large -scale development of the PCB industry will be further penetrated by automotive electronics, as well as 5G and AISuch technical communication, consumer electronics, computers and other fields of resonance.

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