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Introduction and application of single tower copper powder recycling machine

Single -tower copper powder recycling machines can mainly realize the recovery of copper powder, turn waste into treasure, prevent the wear caused by the grinding of copper powder and the layout, and achieve recycling water, reduce the standards of industrial water, reduce environmental pollution and sewage treatment of sewage treatment Stress, save costs.
The materials of the single tower copper powder recycling machine are all SUS304 stainless steel; the filtration volume is large, which can handle 35-100L/min wastewater; the filtration effect is good, which can be treated with copper powder of more than 10 uM. Simply, it only takes 10-15min to remove from copper powder to the re -operation; it is convenient to clean up. It can be dehydrated instantly by compressed the air and the copper powder can be solidified; any brand grinding machine can be matched.
Applicable process: front/outer layer D/F front treatment, PTH pre -treatment, S/m forward treatment; recycling water, saving water consumption, reducing costs; automatic pressure alarm function, replacing filter bag reminders.
Parameters of a single tower copper powder recycler:
Filtering volume: 70 ~ 150L/35 ~ 100L/min
Capacity: 35L/70L
Power: 1.5kW/4.4KW
Running weight: 300kg/390kg


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