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Introduction and application of resin plug -in equipment equipment

The process of resin plugs has become more and more widely used in the PCB industry in recent years, especially on products with high number of layers and large plate thickness, using resin plugs to solve a series of green oil plug holes or pressure pressure Issues that cannot be solved in the resin. However, because of the characteristics of the resin itself used by this process, many difficulties need to be overcome in production to obtain the quality of good resin plug products.

This machine uses a roller to plug the holes, stuffed the ink into the hole through the oil cricket, and then scrape the surface ink, the operation is simple, saving the consumable ink.

Specifications of resin plugs:

Make board size: 10 "*10" ~ 24 "*30"

Board thick: 0.3 ~ 3.2mm

Vertical and horizontal ratio: MAX: 12: 1; min: 3: 1

Oil golf presses: acid -alkali -resistant corrosion and elasticity

Speed: ≦ 0.5m/min

Pressure: 0-1.0MPa (0-10kg/c㎡)

Production capacity: 15-20 Panel/h

The oil on the oil hormone can be adjusted, the machine is equipped with an outer cover

The board can enter and exit by yourself

All materials resistance to acid and alkali materials, which is convenient for cleaning

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